Blown and Carved Glass

Joining two different skill sets to create one of a kind pieces of glass.

Hot Shop

Hot Shop

Cold Shop

Cold Shop



In my Urban series, I wanted to capture the feeling of a modern city through wheel cuts that evoke the impressions of architecture, movement, continuity and balance with hints of conflict and disorder.



In my Continuum series, I carved a single continuous line where the cut is finished by connecting the “end” of the line to the starting point.  The cut removes both a layer of opaque white and black colors exposing the transparent blue on the core of the piece.  The cut allows light to pass in and out of the piece. The most intriguing part of the design appears on the inside of the piece as a “Hologram” of light is created by the reflecting waves of light that have been caught in the piece.



Organic and abstract these pieces evoke impressions of cellular life, bubbles, and astronomy.



I have drawn inspiration from traditional textile patterns. By carving through layers of opaque red and black glass a transparent blue layer is exposed within the pieces.  The cuts allow light to be emitted in and out of the pieces.  In this series I wanted to capture the essence of traditional basket design mixed with luminescent qualities of glass.


Spirit Vessels

An ode to the ancient vessels.  There is a familiarity in these simple forms and designs that have drawn inspiration from Cinnabar, Chinese Lacquer, Native American, African, Aboriginal, and Japanese decorative designs.  Blown with layers overlays of red and under layers of black glass. 


Battuto Bowls