Nick Leonoff was born in 1978 in Santa Clara, California. In 1983 the Leonoff family moved to Carmel Valley, where Nick was raised and lived while attending Carmel High and graduating in 1997.  He began apprenticing for renowned stained glass artist Alan Masaoka in 1998 while he attended Monterey Peninsula College and pursued a business degree.   In  2000, Leonoff put glass to the side as he transferred to Pepperdine University to complete his Bachelors’ degree.  He graduated in 2002 with honors and remained in the Los Angeles area to work.  In 2004, Nick returned to the Monterey Peninsula and was taught to blow a glass bubble by Alan Masaoka and was hooked on learning how to blow glass.  In 2005, he took his first course at the Bay Area Glass Institute, followed by a summer program at Red Deer College.  In 2006, Nick studied Italian Cane and Murrini Patterning techniques at the Pittsburg Glass Center in Pennsylvania under Kait Rhoads.  In 2007, Nick attended the acclaimed Pilchuck Glass School in Washington to study coldworking by Greg Dietrich. Nick continued his education in 2008 when he was awarded scholarships to attend the Corning Museum of Glass in New York as well as Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Deer Isle, Maine.  In 2009, Nick returned to The Studio at Corning to study under Davide Salvadore, a Murano Maestro, to refine his understanding of the muranese glass blowing techniques. Nick returned to Corning in 2010 to expand his portfolio by studying hot sculpting techniques taught by Martin Janecky.  Nick has studied and worked with a variety of glass artists including:  Alan Masaoka, Johnathon Schmuck, Kathy Barrett, Treg Silkwood, Tyler Rock, Kait Rhoads, Greg Dietrich, Paul DeSomma, Marsha Blaker, Anthony Schafermeyer, Claire Kelly, Jack Wax, Davide Salvadore, Martin Janecky, Ross Richmond, George Kennard, April Surgent and Jiri Harcuba. In 2011, Nick moved his studio to Brooklyn, NY to further pursue artistic endeavors. 




Since the first gather of glass I took from the furnace I have been intrigued with the process of glass blowing, and the intensity of working with a molten medium that can quickly take form to a solid state.  There is an urgency to create in that moment of time that requires both patience and spontaneity as the glass is heated, blown and sculpted into its final form.  The luminescent qualities of glass appeal to me as it responds to light.  I am drawn to the potential of a material that can vary from a translucent to an opaque medium in a brilliant range of colors and gradations.  I strive to create forms with colors, shapes and proportions that are pleasing to the eye with an intricacy that invites the viewer to engage and contemplate the piece.  The various textures and finishes that can be achieved through a multitude of coldworking techniques fascinate me and expand the potential of the design beyond the furnace. I am driven by a passion for the process as well as the untapped potential of creating with a beautiful and seductive medium.

I create blown glass using Swedish overlay techniques to create layers of colored glass in the walls and on the surface of the glass forms.  After the pieces have been annealed and have cooled to room temperature, I carve the walls of the pieces with diamond wheels to remove layers of glass and expose colors within the piece.  The blown pieces become the “canvas” on which I design and create.  The carving process becomes the core of the design in each piece.  By carving the glass I create patterns and textures.  I use various size, profile, and grit wheels to create different cuts and patterns.  Many of my patterns resemble traditional textile as well as modern industrial designs. Through this coldworking process I have been able to explore the potential of the material and focus my artistic vision.






Leonoff Art Glass Brooklyn, NY 2011 - 2015

Owner/ Artist Monterey, CA 2005 - 2010

Masaoka Glass Design Carmel Valley, CA 1998-2000   2003-2006

Business Management, Leaded Glass Window Fabrication, and Studio Technician

Artist Studios Residency Program: Museum of Arts & Designs, NYC 2016




The Studio – Corning Museum of Glass Corning, NY July. 2012

Scholarship: Jiri Harcuba & April Surgent - Zen Graving

The Studio – Corning Museum of Glass Corning, NY Aug. 2011

George Kennard – Multiple Gathers

Pittsburgh Glass Center Pittsburgh, PA June 2011

Ross Richmond – From Phrase to Form

The Studio – Corning Museum of Glass Corning, NY June 2010

Martin Janecky – Blowing and Sculpting Inside the Bubble

The Studio - Corning Museum of Glass Corning, NY June 2009

Davide Salvadore - Creating and Using Murrine

Haystack Deer Isle, ME Aug. 2008

Mountain School of Crafts

Scholarship: Jack Wax – No Answers in the Back of the Book  

The Studio - Corning Museum of Glass Corning, NY July 2008

Scholarship:  Anthony Schafermeyer & Claire Kelly – Playing With Pattern

Pilchuck Glass School Stanwood, WA May 2007

Greg Dietrich – Graal, Cameo, Battuto

Pittsburgh Glass Center Pittsburgh, PA June 2006

Kait Rhoads - Painting with Italian Patterning Techniques 

Red Deer College Red Deer, Alberta Canada July 2005

Tyler Rock - Anatomy of the Vessel 

Bay Area Glass Institute San Jose, CA Mar. 2005

Treg Silkwood- Feet and Stems 

Pepperdine University Malibu, CA 2000-2002

BS Business Administration Cum Laude 

Monterey Peninsula College Monterey, CA 1997-2000

AA Business Administration



Merit Award: Cherry Creek Arts Festival - Denver, CO 2016

Niche Award Winner: Glass - Washington, DC 2016

Best in Show: Lighting BKLYN DESIGNS - Brooklyn, NY 2015

Niche Award Winner: Glass - Washington, DC 2015

Niche Award Winner: Home Furnishings - Washington, DC 2015

Niche Award Finalist Glass - Philadelphia, PA 2014

Excellence in Glass: Smithsonian Craft Show Washington, DC 2013

Niche Award Winner: Glass - Philadelphia, PA 2013

Niche Award Finalist: Home Furnishings - Philadelphia, PA 2013

Best in Glass: Cohn Family Trust Museum of Art-Craft Show Philadelphia, PA 2012 

Award of Excellence American Craft Council San Francisco, CA 2012


Solo Exhibitions:


“Transition” Masaoka Design Gallery Carmel Valley, CAJune - July 2010

Private Exhibition Kourakos Residence New York, NY  May 2010

“Play with Fire” Masaoka Design Gallery Carmel Valley, CA   Aug. - July 2009

“Coastal Lines” Public InstallationLALLA Grill Monterey, CA Sept. 2008 – Oct. 2009

“Coastal Lines” Masaoka Design Gallery Carmel Valley, CA  June - July 2008

Nick Leonoff “New Glass Forms” Masaoka Design Gallery Carmel Valley, CA   July – Aug. 2007

Nick Leonoff “New Glass Forms” Masaoka Design Gallery Carmel Valley, CA   May – June 2006


Group Exhibitions:


“Texture & Tension”  Morgan Glass Gallery  Pittsburgh, PA  Sep. - Oct. 2014

Art Glass” Gallery North Setauket, NY Jun. - July 2012

Featured Artist : Pumpkin Patch Corning Glass Museum Corning, NY Oct. 2011

 “The Glass Pumpkin Patch” Masaoka Design Gallery Carmel Valley, CA   Fall 2006 - 2012

“The Winter Glass Exhibition” Masaoka Design Gallery Carmel Valley, CA   Dec. 2006 - 2012

“Objects” Gallery North Carmel, CADec. 2007

Vidrio Del Mar “Sea of Glass”   Masaoka Design Gallery Carmel Valley, CA   July – Aug. 2006

Contemporary Fusion Masaoka Design Gallery Carmel Valley, CA   Nov. – Jan 2006


Juried Arts & Crafts Shows:


Sausalito Art Festival Sausalito, CA  Aug 2014

Cherry Creek Arts Festival  Denver, CO July 2014, 2015

Smithsonian Craft Show Washington, DC April 2013

Washington Craft Show Washington, DC Nov. 2012

Philadelphia Museum Show Philadelphia, PA Nov. 2012, 2013, 2014

American Craft Council San Francisco, CA Aug. 2010, 2012, 2014

CraftNewYork New York, NY April 2012

Buyers Market of American Craft Philadelphia, PA Feb. 2012

ACRE Orlando Orlando, FL Jan. 2012

American Craft Council Baltimore, MD Feb. 2011 -2012

Marin Art Festival San Rafael, CA June 2008 -2009

Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival Mill Valley, CA Oct. 2008

Millbrae Art & Wine Festival Millbrae, CA Sept. 2007 - 2008

Awarded 2ndBest New Exhibitor

Capitola Art & Wine Festival Capitola, CA Sept. 2008 - 2010

Los Gatos Art & Wine Los Gatos, CA  Aug. 2007

Carmel Valley Artists Christmas Fair Carmel Valley, CA Dec. 2005 - 2009

Carmel Homecrafters’ Marketplace Carmel, CA Nov. 2006 - 2010




831 Magazine “The Art of Glass Blowing” Sept. 2012

Monterey County Magazine “A Glass Act” Winter 2008

Home Style By The Sea “A Wright Way to Remodel”   Spring 2008

The Monterey County Herald “Pumpkins, Real and Glass” Oct.7th 2007

The Carmel Pine Cone “Aspiring glass artist puts business degree to work” July 13th 2007

Home Style By The Sea “Ones to Watch” Sept. 2006

Carmel Valley Country “Nick Leonoff: Carmel Valley Glass Blower”  May 2006

The Monterey County Herald “C.V. glass blower keeps old-world craft alive” May 7th 2006

The Salinas Californian “He breathes life into glass” Aug 12th 2005


Benefits, Auctions & Events:

Liberty Museum Auction, Philadelphia, PA 2013

Pilchuck Glass Auction Stanwood, WA 2007 - 2011, 2013

Palo Alto Art Center & TheBay Area Glass Institute

The Great Glass Pumpkin Patch Palo Alto, CA 2007 - 2012

The Magical Glass Pumpkin Patch

Benefit for Los Gatos High School Los Gatos, CA 2012

Seacology & Falkirk Cultural Center

Marin Glorious Glass Pumpkin Harvest San Rafael, CA 2007 - 2008




American Craft Council

ACGA Association of Clay & Glass Artists of California

Monterey County Artist Equity

Glass Art Society

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