Spring is in the air...

It feels great to be back in NYC with a moment to catch my breath after a very busy last two months preparing for the Smithsonian Craft Show in Washington DC. In this moment the sun is shining and it is truly a beautiful spring day.  Finally! Check out these cool sculptures by Alexandre Arrechea and tulips on Park Ave.

In early March, I spent a week back in Carmel Valley, CA visiting family and friends and mixing in a little glass blowing where I made the overlay blanks for the smaller Spirit Vessels.  Later in March, after returning to New York, I headed upstate for a week to Corning  to make some larger overlay pieces. David Janoff, an NYU film student, tagged along to document the Swedish Overlay blowing process.  He is creating a documentary about my glass work and process.  The movie should be completed before the end of May and will be on my website.  I will keep you posted. 

Returning to NYC, I spent many late nights in my Brooklyn studio designing and carving my most recent works.  I expanded on the Spirit Vessel collection adding some of the smallest carved pieces I have ever made.  Many of these new works are yellow and red with a fiery warm glow.  I also added two new Continuum bowls to my collection. These were the largest I have made for this series and received a lot of attention.  I also completed Urban #9 and Urban #10 of the Urban Series.  I increased the scale and reduced the complexity of the designs. My design shift relates to becoming more acclimated to living in the city and perhaps not feeling as impacted by the complexity of the urban lifestyle.  This series has been one way of expressing myself and processing the transition of moving to New York.  

I was fortunate to be recognized with the Excellence in Glass Award.  I am humbled exhibiting at shows where I admire and respect the talented artists that I am surrounded by.  It does however feel nice to get a little extra recognition for all the hard work I have been putting into these pieces. Thank you to the Judges and Donors for making this possible, as well as to all the supporters new and old who came out to see my latest work. 

Happy New Year!... Happy New Website!

Many people thought this day would never come... I am finally rebuilding my website.  And a website that I can update and keep up to date.   My sincerest apologies for putting this off for so long. This is the end of an era... and the beginning of something good.  Please check it out. www.NickLeonoff.com. If you would like to be on my email list please go to the contact page and fill out the form so I can keep you up to date on my latest pieces and shows. 

Swarovski Crystal Star 5th Ave. 

Swarovski Crystal Star 5th Ave.